Lead Times

As you can see by my lead time, I am very busy. I know that you don't like to wait and trust me, if I could make belts at a faster rate, I would. I can only make so many belts in a given amount of time.

Please keep in mind that you are receiving a unique 100% handmade, high quality product. Every belt is made to order. My lead time is only an estimate of expected START TIME on your belt.. I try my hardest to get the lead times correct but sometimes I'm wrong.

I will send you an email approximately one week before I start your belt. When I finish your belt, I'll send you another email informing you that I shipped it along with a tracking number. It is my goal and duty to keep you informed.

I only ask you to have patience as I am a one man shop. Thank you very much for your business and understanding. Please contact me if you have any questions.